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Koalas & Kangeroos....


sunny 27 °C

After some chilled out time in Brisbane I was back on the road again and the next stop was a small town called Noosa.
I got to my dorm and met a Dutch girl called Lieke. Lieke was on a break from her studies and decided to come away traveling. Hey why not!
The hostel we stayed at was pretty cool as they gave us welcome drinks and dinner vouchers. So we had wine and nachos.
I was going to go to Australia Zoo the next day and Lieke decided to join me - we hadn't booked our bus shuttle tickets to the zoo and were told to turn up to the bus stop in the morning and that we would need to be very lucky to get a spare seats.
We arrived nice and early at the bus stop but turns out we weren't the only ones trying to get spare seats. It was simple I just made sure as soon as the bus driver opened the door that I was the first person he saw, gave him a big smile and explained that we hadn't pre-booked a ticket. We were asked to wait at the side whilst he checked on the pre-booked people and then when he did have a spare couple of seats because we had lured him in at the start they were given to us!
Success we were off to Australia Zoo. It was about an hours ride to the zoo so we got watch lots of Steve Irwin docs on the way.
We found out that Terrie Irwin and kids were going to be doing the crocodile show at midday. So we made sure that we hit the show....




The next day Lieke, I and two other girls we had met decided to do the trek walk. It took us a good 3hours but I'm quite addicted to doing the trail walks in each town.
In the morning it was rainy and cold but the weather flipped to full on sunshine so I was dressed way out....


After the walk I left the girls and headed into the town to grab some lunch and take a look inside the shops. Noosa is an expensive little town, I found a gorgeous pair of sandals in the sale but was out of luck as they had sold out of my size!

After Noosa it was a 5hour ride up to Rainbow beach as here I would head out for camping on Frazer Island.

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Surfer Girl to Hippie Girl

Drinking Pints and Goon! How times have changed....

sunny 28 °C

Bus sorted Martina and I left Sydney on Wednesday morning at 6:am! We had a 10hour drive to reach out first stop which was Surfers X. As included on our bus pass was a free surf lesson at a surf school.

Thursday morning arrived and I was up nice and early to take full advantage of the lesson. Martina didn't want to take part (good for me as I gave her my camera to get some action shots!) I headed off to meet the other bus members joining for the lesson.
Here we are...



The lesson was brilliant and I managed to stand up twice in the surf. We were out in the water for just 2 hours but it was such a refreshing workout. Although I didn't quite realize how much my arms would ache the next day!
After the lesson it was back on the bus to head up to Byron Bay. We were staying in a place called Holiday Village. It was like being on a holiday as 8 of us shared an apartment with our own bathroom, kitchen and lounge. I spent the next 4 days with Martina, Amy and Nicola both 24 from London, Aimee 21 from Bedford, and Hugo, 19 from somewhere mighty posh....
Being typical Brits who know how to drink and the party always ended back at our apartment, it was reminded me of university as on various nights security would arrive. Seeing as Ive done little 'proper' backpacking on my tour I certainly made up for it in Byron Bay. Not a wine bar in sight!


I did manage to get up in the day too as I wanted to explore Byron. On Friday I met up with Anna (Sinead's Sister) and her friend Sarah as they to were crossing through Byron. We hired out some bikes as we were heading towards the Lighthouse. We biked half way and then walked the trail by foot. It took a good 3hours but as per the views were something else.
Byron Bay is a small town and very colorful with many hippies floating about.


In the afternoon I wanted to take advantage of the rays we headed to the beach. I hadn't had a beach day in nearly a week!

561197_101..15481_n.jpg Byron Bay at Night by the beach front

Tuesday I was up at 5:30am to catch the sunrise. The hostel kindly drove us up to the most easterly viewing point in Australia and again lucky with the weather as I watch the most beautiful Sunrise.


Back to the apartment into bed to catch another hours sleep before getting up again to go on a day trip to the infamous Nimbin.
Ninbin what a funny tour (but one might say overrated) We first visited the town of Nimbin to collect again some of the infamous cookies, as Afroman once said, 'because I got high'....


Saturday was a chill day and I decided to book my bus out of Bryon Bay. I left the others to it and headed to Brisbane!

Having escaped the mad backpacking scene, I was glad to be back on the road and head solo again. It was just a 2.5 hour drive up to Brisbane so I arrived at 10am in the morning. I couldn't check into my room until 2pm so I headed to the pool on the roof to catch some rays for a few hours and catch up on some reading.
Once I'd got into my room I chucked my bag down and headed out into the city. It was bank holiday Monday the city was buzzing. I took about 3hours to walk the the whole of the city center and see all the sights.


That evening I met my other room roommate Audrey from Canada. We were both glad to meet each other as had both separately already met our other roommate, a 60+ something woman who looked like she had walked out of the river - apparently she had been kicked out of her lesbian lovers house as she didn't get on with the kids! I was lucky I was only staying in Brissie for 2nights!
Audrey and I headed out to get some food in the city that evening it was quite lively but I didn't find that Brisbane had the same buzz as Mel and Syd. The following day as I had a day to use up as I had already seen all of the city's attractions I decided to finally get my hair cut (turns out dying it blue was going to be to much of a challenge and lots of maintenance!) I spent the remainder of the day shopping... Im not sure why I thought I had room for another 5 items in my backpack!

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Hostel Life

I'm a Crap Backpacker....

sunny 26 °C

Monday was quite a long day after the drive back from Great Ocean Road, followed by the quick dash to pack up my backpack and then get over to the airport for my flight. I made it up to Sydney and into my hostel for around 6ish.

So this is the first time I've ever done a hostel - (I really have to share a dorm with other backpackers?!) (It's all guesthouses in Thailand - for 4 squid you can have your own room)
So in my first hostel room I was sharing with three girls. Two were actually long-termer's at the hostel. One girl named Victoria had been living in the dorm for 6 months. I wouldn't enjoy going to work and then come home to a dorm with people coming and going every few days!
I met a girl called Louise in the dorm too who was also travelling the East coast solo. Louise was travelling the opposite - North to South. Louise and I went out that night to a backpacker bar. Wow! Am I 16 again?! This is when (I already knew) I realized that I'm not your average backpacker. I was pretty shattered so I just stayed for 2 hours and left Louise to it.

Tuesday arrived and I was pretty excited to go and explore the city.
I took a long slow walk through Sydney Botanical Gardens first - they were beautiful. I was just unlucky with the weather as it was raining on and off for most of the day. I got stuck in the showers so ran in to the botanical garden's restaurant which happened to be a tad on the expensive side! I looked at the menu and settled for a feta salad.
I then made my way along water path and turned the corner to the most amazing view of the opera house with the Harbour bridge edged just behind it. I pretty much spent the whole of Tuesday and Wednesday site seeing.

DSC04414.jpgDSC04401.jpg A Wet Botanical Gardens DSC04383.jpg They should have giant chess in Londers



On Friday I met up with a German girl called Martina as I had spent some time looking on Gumtree for fellow travellers who wanted to get a camper van and drive up the coast. I realized that I would much prefer to drive the coast then take Greyhounds after my road trip weekends. Martina and I met and got on really well but in the end after some research (and the fact I already purchased a greyhound ticket back in the UK) we decided we would bus it up the east coast. So we booked out seats to leave Sydney for the next Wednesday morning. After ward's we headed over to Darling Harbour. This is my favourite harbour in Sydney. We sat out in the sun and grabbed some Champagne. (This is why I’m such a crap backpacker!) We were in a funky bar where the city workers headed to for after work drinks!
Later that evening we decided to jump on the fairy over to Manley beach. Manley beach is just 30 minutes on the ferry. Martina's friend Brendan who's American joined us. We had a few more drinks in Manley and then grabbed some dinner before returning to Sydney on the night ferry.

DSC04574.jpg Martina

DSC04572.jpg Checking out the big boats (again)

I had to be up early on the Saturday I was off to the Blue Mountains for the day. The Blue Mountains are World Heritage listed region which have the most spectacular views. The day trip was one of the best trips I had done as we had a great tour guide and some fun people on the trip.


On Sunday Sinead, her sister Anna and friend Sarah and I decided to spend the day on Manley Beach catching the best of the sun in Sydney before it turned to showers in the early evening. Sydney and Melbourne weather could easily be mistaken for UK weather!

On Monday I enjyed some shopping and had my nails done before meeting Sinead and gang for for $10 dollar steak. YUMMY!

Tuesday I checked out of the hostel and headed to Martina flat as I was staying there for the evening as we had to be up early to catch the greyhound in the morning.

I had spent 9 days in Sydney and 12 days in Melbourne. I was glad as I wanted to spend quite a bit of time in both so to get a feel for both cities. ; )

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Great Ocean Road

Life is Peachy & You're so Wanky Tregidgo!

sunny 24 °C

Back on the road again for my second weekend...I love it. So we left the city at about 12 O'Clock and began our trip.

I had highlighted the lonely planet guide for each town we should stop off at on route.
We headed in to a town called Geelong for lunch, to a cafe named OK GO which was a pretty quirky cafe and typically lonely planet style. After lunch we popped into Geelong town so I could stock up on car snacks for us and then we were back on the road.

Here's a few of the little towns and viewpoints on our journey that we stopped at.

305521_101..19413_n.jpg Classic Lighthouse!

We booked up a motel for the night in a town called Lorne. - Helena was still traveling the great ocean road too so we would meet her for dinner and then head to the bars. It turned out to be a very random evening. I can say that there are quite a few strange people kicking about Lorne. We soon discovered which bar was the local bar and which was the travelers bar. A fun evening was had by all.

Sunday after a little lie in we were back on the road... and getting ever closer to the twelve apostles.
First stop was the Erskine Falls and then shortly after we spotted a real life Koala in the wild!


547925_101..92089_n.jpg539694_101..76606_n.jpg KOALA!

We also came across a couple of parrots....

We arrived at the apostles mid afternoon. Alan joked we should do the helicopter ride... when I said yes I was deadly serious! I didn't push it enough though as in the end we settled for the foot walk instead. I took in the view and couldn't believe how stunning it was!



After the apostles we were heading back as it was a 3-4 hour drive back. I may have mentioned I was a little disappointed that we had only seen one Koala on our trip and no kangaroos (Lonely planet leads you to believe that you will see hundreds on the 243-kilometer stretch of road.)
After this I fell asleep and then awoke as the car came to a stop. I soon realized we were parked outside an animal reserve where we could visit some KANGAROOS and KOALAS! I was super excited and we headed in just in time as they were about to close. It was a funny little place which would need a lot of work doing to it to make it into a tourist attraction.


We got back into Lorne at just as it was getting dark, it was power nap time and then dins.
It was a Sunday in Lorne and the small town was half shut so we ended up getting local takeout pizzas and sitting outside a restaurant listening to the jazz music playing inside. This is actually the most backpacker thing I've done so far....

It was back into the city on Monday morning and straight over to the airport to catch my flight up to Sydney.

AT was an great host and I had the best time in Melbourne! Thank you Tregidgo!!

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Move to Melbourne!

Hey Why Not!

sunny 26 °C

We arrived back into Melbourne, Monday lunchtime. I absolutely loved Avoca and had such a fun weekend!
Helena was now heading off into a hostel for the night as she was driving the Great Ocean Road the next day and Alan was back to work.
As the sun was beaming down in Melbourne I decide that today I would go up to the Eureka Sky Deck. It's an awe inspiring view of Melbourne from the Southern Hemisphere's highest viewing platform. You view on the 88th floor and you can see over the whole of Melbourne. I had purchased a sun and starts tickets for an extra $4 so I could return later to view at night.

What a view....

DSC03701.jpg DSC03730.jpg 1DSC03748.jpgDSC03805.jpg DSC03864.jpg No I didn't stand in the same spot all day! ; )

I was cooking that night and after a weekend of un-healthy food I decided we would eat healthy so cooked us salmon with roasted veg and salad.
We sat on the balcony with our wine (standard) and ate whilst the sun was setting. After dinner I went back over to the skydeck - its 5minuites from Alan's apartment - look it really is, here it is from the view of it from Alan's balcony.

DSC03685.jpg Eureka Skydeck

On Tuesday I met up with my friend Sinead who I had met back in Thailand. As the forecast has told us it was going to be the last day of sunshine we made our way over to St Hilder. Its a beach town with a man-made beach.
We caught a few rays had some lunch and then headed back to Sinead's friend house for a few hours.
That evening it was Alan's turn to cook and I wasn't let down we had Moroccan chicken with chickpeas! Delicious!

522268_101..11010_n.jpg St Hilder
555897_101..43406_n.jpg Luna Park
383494_101..47132_n.jpg More wine please...
photo.jpg Moroccan chicken with chickpeas and rice

Wednesday was quite lazy I did some planning in the morning then at 4 o'clock headed into town to meet Sinead for a glass of wine. ( a bit of a picture emerging - 4'oclock glass of wine time in the sun!) Life is Peachy!
We went out that night as Alan was meeting some friends to go to a gig. Being with Sinead it was a most amusing night if a little random.

In the afternoon we visited Brunswick Street first which is very the closest you would get to Camden over here.

Blending in with the Graffiti.


Finally roof top bar for a few shots!
528872_101..88053_n.jpg Sinead

Thursday I was waiting for Friday to arrive!

Friday - It's Neighbors day!!!!!!!!! very exciting! (might even say a childhood dream.) We had to set our alarms as the afternoon tour was fully booked so we needed to be at the pick up point for 8:20 I hadn't done a day trip tour for a few weeks now so I was extra excited!
The trip didn't disappoint. We arrived on the street and filming was taking place, this meant at that time we couldn't get onto the street but could watch some filming. As we were delayed getting onto the street we were taken to the outside studios where they have the outside sets... it was so funny being outside Grease Monkeys and the Garage!
Then all of a sudden an Audi pulls up and out comes Dr Karl! AKA Alan Fletcher! I have to say that he absolutely loved it and really relished meeting his fans!
Following on from the excitement of meeting Dr Karl we headed back over to Ramsay Street! This time we were aloud onto the street to run around like excited kids!
If you are lucky enough to own one of the houses of Ramsay Street you get a minimum 50k pay out per year not to add the pure excitement of living on Ramsay Street! Some lucky residents owned yachts!

DSC04024.jpgDSC04028.jpgDSC03982.jpg I got way to excited at meeting Dr. K - Look at my smile!
After the excitement of the trip we got dropped back off in central Melbourne. We headed for lunch then split to do some of our own shopping.

Friday evening I finally headed to Alan's gym. How Lucky a free gym swimming pool and tennis courts for the residents - you dont even have to go outside to reach it! The workout was good, I discovered how good the next day!

Saturday arrived and we were back off on road again!

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