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From the Land of Smiles over to Gods Country!

sunny 26 °C


I am officially in Skippy land!

I had a great flight over from Bangkok into Melbourne. I slept for most of the journey (very rare) and the seat next to me was empty (super rare) so I had extra space. I'm staying with my university friend Alan for my first week or so in Melbourne.
Alan had given me directions on how to get to his apartment once I landed as he would be at work. It was all quite straight forward and I soon reached reception where I asked the concierge for the keys that had been left for me under Sarah Bavister.... to which he looked at me strangely and said are you sure? This went on ....when it was actually Alan thinking he was funny writing Bavi-L A R! (another new veriation on BaviSTER!)
Once inside I discovered Alan's balcony fairly quickly so I caught some rays for a few hours before he got home.
For out first evening we went out into the city to grab some food and Alan showed me around. Melbourne is lovely at night especially down by Southbank.

I had no jetlag as I was only moving forward 4 hours in time so on Thursday I was up early - as I had one mission - to locate Topshop Melbourne. Success!! Australia is not Thailand and I soon realised my beach shorts and vest tops were not quite suited to the city. So I picked up a couple of dresses and tops.
Topshop is located on Chapel Road which is quite a trendy area with some cool boutiques! I wondered around in the streets in the sun for a few hours then got the tram back over to the centre of town. It was nice to shop as my only purchase in Thailand were my Thai pants!

In the evening we headed out into an area called St Hilder. We found a good Italian restaurant which was listed in my lonely plannet guide. We both had Steak! Although mine was diced steak so I wanted to swap plates but Alan was having none of it!

DSC03458.jpg Mmmmmm......

DSC03457.jpg Delicious!

DSC03459.jpg Excited to see me?!
On Friday I had to pack for Avoca. Avoca is 2 hours North of Melbourne. We were going up for the weekend as Alan works for an event company and it so happened that this weekend was the first event that he had organised and was event managing. Helena was also joining us for the weekend too. Helena is was one of Alan's backpacking friends from Bali. Friday rained so I spent the day relaxing at the apartment. It was the first time in 7 weeks that I had crashed out on a sofa, watched TV and done little else. (Yes I know I've been laying on beaches in Thailand but it's not the same as being snuggled on the sofa at home!)

I got over to the office at about 5. The three of us went for dinner in East Richmond where the office is based and then we started our journey. It took about 2.5 hours. It was a fun drive up as Helena is like Alan they like to chat and when they are together they get even louder!

DSC03461.jpg Hard at work

We must have arrived at our cottage at about 10.30. Avoca is right up in the countryside and its very much like, 'i dont know you you're not a local from round here are you?' Get the picture. So after a little confusion on the day that we were arriving we got shown to our cottage. We had some wine and chilled out as we would have a busy day setting up the event on Saturday.

The company Alan works for is called Big Hill Events. It's a very small company as only 3 employees run by Rohan. (or Jenson Button if you squint!) (I did alot of squinting that weekend!) The mountain bike event is known as the toughest mountain bike ride on the circuit. On the day they had approx 150 riders.
Helana and I helped Alan set up the registration desk, the marquee etc on the Saturday. Having just left an events company I was quite familiar with how events work.


DSC00824.jpg Yes Im hard at work too!

In between set up Helena and I popped in to do some wine tasting. Ronda ran the wine tasting and had been working at the wine cellar for 28 years and works every Saturday, she was a very cool lady.


DSC03648.jpg Ronda

DSC03666.jpg Helana + Rajah

DSC03644.jpg Juicy

DSC03659.jpg Vines

The weather was a lot cooler where we were although if i you were in the sun it suddenly became t-shirt and shorts weather again.
I could see Rohan's bike sat on the grass so I excitedly asked if I could borrow the bike and go for a ride. Rohan said this was fine but just as I was about to set off Alan decided to let me know the bike cost £4K - just want you want to hear.
I think that the bike ride was one of the best parts of the weekend - it was beautiful to be cycling out in the Australian countryside. Yes, I took a few pictures on my bike journey.



DSC03508.jpg Expensive

In the evening Rohan had organized a BBQ for all family and friends who were helping out for the weekend. This was my first Aussie BBQ and it didn't disappoint.




Sunday was RACE DAY!

We were back at the event before at 6 in the morning which meant I got some great sunrise pictures.


Event day was so exciting! Helana and I were in charge of timings. This is quite an important role as we they were the official race times!
I couldn't believe how coooold it was on the Sunday which was mainly due to the wind. I had brought my shorts, t-shirts and dresses for the weekend but lucky more sensible people had lots of jackets and hoodys I could pile on!

DSC03585.jpg Rohan aka Jenson!
DSC03665.jpg Winner!

The event was a success, Alan is a great Event Manager especially for first time hands on organising everything.
To celebrate the three of us headed to the pub for dinner and then that evening back at the cottage we sat outside with our glasses of wine and had the most amazing veiw of the stars, and decided that this is the life!


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How Much Thai Food Can One Girl Eat In 4 Days?

Am I really back in Bangkok again...

sunny 37 °C

Friday arrived and I said a FINAL goodbye to everyone at Ting Tong bar and across at the Full Moon bungalows. Ravi the owner of the bungalows looked like he was about to cry!! Ravi and Sue (wife) had been great during my stay and had fixed me a cheap-e-r flight ticket. The minibus arrived and I headed over to Krabi airport. It was on the plane that I had a fit of laughter to myself which I think was due to the excitement of knowing I would be traveling to a new country in a few days.

I reached Paws at about 10 o'clock so she was just finishing off at work. We caught up on each others news and got some food! : )

As this was my third time in Bangkok I had already seen all the sights so we had a relaxed Saturday. This was a chance for me to eat some more fabulous street food. As it was my last week in Thailand I was eating as much Thai food as possible. My favorites are, pad Thai, garlic and pepper beef, chicken with cashews, spring rolls and chocolate and banana pancakes! That's not even mentioning the fruit and the fruit shakes! : )

DSC03365.jpg Final pad Thai - This pad Thai came with batter on the top?! Every pad Thai I had in Thailand came out slightly different.

GetAttachment_aspx.jpg Garlic and pepper beef

430686_270..58355_a.jpg I was introduced to the spinning fish (which dosnt look great but once you peel back the skin it tastes great)

Saturday night we headed out into town and back over to the bar Route 66 and the night ended up over in a club called Scratchdog. We had the funniest night ever! This was quite clear when we looked through the pictures in the morning.

Here's the ones you get to see!

DSC03274.jpgDSC03266.jpg90_DSC03280.jpg90_DSC03276.jpg 90_IMG-20120311-06580.jpg90_DSC03308.jpgDSC03321.jpg No farting in the taxi!

Sunday arrived and we slept.

Monday was my last day so whilst Pawes was at work I headed over to MBK to pick up a few last bit and pieces and spent the remainder of my Thai Baht.
I also finally got round to writing out and posting all 10 of my postcards!



Tuesday arrived and it was time to bid farewell to Thailand! It's been an incredible experience to this point and have to say that traveling solo is completely the best way to do it. You get to come and go as you please and actually you are never really on your own.

See you all Down Under!


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Island Hopping Continued...

Who knew there was another world under the sea....

sunny 33 °C

... After a day of traveling (with two crazy Isralian's as my company) I reached my new island of Koh Samui and got into my bungalow at around 9'o'clock where I crashed out for the evening. I was peacefully sleeping away until I was awoken (once again) by the loud night creatures of Thailand. I've come to recognize most of the different sounds having been in Thailand for 5 weeks now. I awoke to loud scraping and scratching on the bungalow window. There was most defiantly something trying to get inside which went on for what seemed liked hours! I still have no idea what was actually out there but he/she was back every night!

Morning finally arrived and I headed for breakfast. The restaurant was on the beach so after breakfast I went for a day of sunning!
I was pre-booked for a week as it was meant to take me up to the week of the Full Moon party. I would then cross over to the island Koh Phangan. This didn't happen though as I decided to leave Ko Samui after 4 nights.
I didn't find any character to the island and I only met the two backpackers where I was staying. Rowena and Maaike who were two girls from Holland. They had been on the island for a week and also said that they to had not met any other backpackers on the island. We were staying on the east coast of the island so it simply could have just been the location. Although the locals didn't help. On the Tuesday I decided to explore so I grabbed a taxi into town of which ended up with a me being locked in the taxi! It was the classic agree the destination and price on the outside of the taxi and then once inside the famous quote 'i don't speak English anymore' .....need I say more!

I spent the next 3 days sunbathing and did little else as I was really waiting to move islands. As I was leaving early this left me with a decision. Did I make my way over to Koh Phangan early knowing the Full Moon Party not being for another 8 days or use my last week to go back to my favorite island.
As Will and I learnt last year hindsight can be a pain in the arse!
I decided to head back across to Koh Lanta for my last week (which was great) but I do now wish i had pushed onto Koh Phangan. Typically the girls Katie and Mel who I had met in Chaing Mai got in touch to go to the party together. I was back on Koh Lanta on the south islands whereas Koh Phangan is back in the north. It would have been a another 12 hour boat ride and I also had my flight booked from Krabi back up to Bangkok for my last 4 days before flying out to Oz.

Thursday I arrived back in Koh Lanta to a nice big welcome from Don. Randomly the two girls from Holland were on the same ferry and bus over to Koh Lanta and staying in the same bungalows for a few nights so we put our bags down and headed down to the beach for some dinner.
Rowena 21, Maikke 23, were backpacking in SE Asia for 3 months and on a gap from their studies.

DSC03071.jpg Maikke, Rowena

DSC03077.jpg Walter (our Italian friend) & Maikee

I was keen to do some more snorkeling so booked onto the 4 islands tour. This was excellent as we got to do lots of snorkeling! The first spot was quite rough so it was harder to snorkel but the second spot was beautiful. There were so many different fish swimming toward me made up of such vibrant colors.

DSC03159.jpg The fish were pretty high up so I got this shot from the boat

DSC03158.jpg Lunch that day was Thai Green Curry - it was so nice if a little HOT!

After the snorkeling we visited Emerald Cave. The Emerald Cave is a secret lagoon hidden inside the island of Ko Mook. The only way in to the cave is to swim through an underwater tunnel that opens out into the secret bay.
The cave used to be a smugglers resting place and is reputed to have been used by pirates as a secret and secluded place to stash their treasure - I had left my camera on the boat as didn't realize our tour guide had a wet bag to put them in when swimming. So unfortunately
I dont have any pictures of the cave but I do have pics of our long tail boat.... : )


The next day back at the resort I met Alex and Martin. They were a couple from the UK who were taking some time out to travel SE Asia.
They were pretty cool so I spent a few days chilling out with them.

DSC03212.jpg Martin and Alex

After Alex and Martin left the resort had quietened down and we had 2 days solid rain! When it rains in Thailand it really rains!!!
I headed over to Ting Tong bar to swing in the hammock and keep dry! The rain stopped for a break and Don asked me if I wanted to go into Saladan with him as he was heading there. Saladan is the main town on the island off Koh Lanta. We headed off as its about a 20 minute ride. Half way through the rain started again. We both got soaked! Thankfully Don is a good driver so we made it into town in one piece. We were so soaked that we needed to take cover after the bank and it was still raining heavily so we ended up in this random German delicatessen. It was amazing... so many differently types of cheeses and meat with fresh baguettes too! We had Salami and sour chive and herb cheese baguettes! Mom, mon, mon, mon, mon!
Filled up we headed back out and I popped into the shops to have a look around, then ate more food, this time a banana and chocolate pancake. It was a fun way to spend a rainy afternoon.

I managed to get 2 more days of sun in before taking my flight back up to Bangkok for my last 4 days!

Koh Lanta really does have the best Sunsets in Thailand!




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Island Hop

Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage.

sunny 34 °C

Wow, so after 2 days of traveling ( and I thought flying was meant to be the fastest way!) I arrived in Phuket on the Tuesday night.

Since backpacking flying from place to place across Thailand has been my only must. I did try the long bus journey once from Koh Lanta back up to Bangkok but 19hours (in total) against 1hour is not a fair competition!

As it was my first day in Phuket I decided to find the nearest beach I could. This turned out to be Patong beach. WOW!!
Phuket has mixed reveiws and now I understand why. Patong beach is quite possibly one of the grimmest places I've been to or maybe its just at the top of the list of the world's worst beaches!
You can't actually see the sand on the beach as if filled with rows and rows of sun loungers (of which you have to pay to sit in) and on top of the sun loungers the vast majority are obeast, old, leather skinned Europeans! It was more like a seen you would expext to find in Benidorm! I couldn't actually understand why they were still smothering themselves in tanning oil as I don't think they could have got any browner if they tried!

To have reached any of the other beaches on the island I would have needed to have got a taxi but as I was quite tired from 2 days of travel I decided I would stay (on the basis that I found a sun longer as far away from the crowds as possible.) On the plus side I did have a beach boy who would fetch me water and food and move my parasol each time in line with the moving sun.

DSC02607.jpg Gazillions of sun loungers

DSC02619.jpg Beach Grime - actually holding his hands out into the air to capture more sun!

On Thursday I booked up my trips for the Friday and Saturday and then for the rest of the day I decided to head to another beach in the opposite direction hoping it may be a better offering. I decided to try and walk in 34 degree heat thinking 5KM was not far (turns out it is!) (It looked close on the map!) I was lucky as I stopped to ask a Thai lady who was parked up on her scooter at the side of the road how far I had left before I would reach the beach? She said quite far and to jump on the back of her scooter and she would drive me. This was very kind, I tried to get my purse out once we arrived but before I could she said no, no and had spead off. I was lucky because after that I had to pay for a taxi to get back. My lonely plannet guide warns about the 'Taxi Maffia' in Phuket -all the taxis have a set rate which is stupidly high, so you can't barter down.
The beach I went to was Karon beach much of a muchness, very touristy which I'm not looking for at all on this trip. However it did get nicer as I walked across to the east side of the beach.

I was glad when Friday arrived as I was going on my day trip to James Bond Island! I had been looking forward to this trip since arriving in Thailand as I'm a massive James Bond Fan. It's the only film that will ever make me say to my friends,' does anyone wanna go to the cinema?'

First off we took a long tail boat out through the river as we were heading to some caves to do a little canoeing.
The journey to reach the caves was quite beathtaking. It was so peacfull speading along in the boat in the open green water looking at the scenery.
I got the best seat as I was sat at the front of the boat and next to the tour guide who always give you extra facts and information.



Once arriving at the caves we got into cannoes. I was sharing with a Norweigen named Estevan who was travling around Thailand too. However he didnt like to talk very much. I would have liked to have steared the canoe but we already had a Thai steerer. Our Thai friend then told us both to lie flat in the canoe as we were going through a tiny hole in the cave so before I knew it I had my head firmly in Estevan's crotch! I was lucky I was sat up front as otherwise it would have been the other way round!

DSC02722.jpg It looks larger in the pic, but it was a tight squeeze


It was then on to James Bond Island. The scene is from the film, 'The Man With The Golden Gun' when 007, played by Roger Moore is about to fight Scaramanga!
I found a couple on the beach and got chatting to them as we were the only people to do the famous gun pose! They were pretty fun so I had wished they were on my boat as appose to Estevan! The trip is amongst one of my favourite trips so far.



Having spent time on the island we next headed over to a Muslem fishing village for lunch - but it just looked like a normal Thailand restaurant with a gift market at the back of the restaurant. It was here that I finally decided to buy some Thai Pants - which I l have been wearing a lot!
The final stop of the day was a monkey cave. Many monkeys outside the cave and inside the cave many Budda statues. I saw a fortune wheel inside the cave so popped a coin in, this was my fortune, - im pretty happy with it as the Russian girl who did it along side me got a harder fortune!


DSC02810.jpg My fortune


Saturday I was touring the island of Phuket and as soon as I got on the bus I met some Australian boys, Adrian ,19 and Jarrod, 20 they are both from Melbourne and this was their first time overseas. They reminded me of a Jedward!

DSC03000.jpg Jarrod and Adrian

The first stop was to visit a veiwpoint of the whole the island, I could see some of the beaches I had been on a few days earlier.
Whislt we were at the veiwpoint I randomly held some big birds! Thai Eagles.

eagle1.jpg He/she was pretty heavy

We then visited ' The Big Buddha'. The buddha was build to celebrate the King's birthday and was built is Phuket because this in Number 1 for Thai's and Tourists. It's around 45meters high and is still being built. They think it will be about 4 years more untill its finished. We then followed on to see a few more Temples....



One of my favourite visits was to the cashew nut factory where I possibly ate enough cashews for life! There were so mant different flavours, my top 3 were, BBQ, Salted and Sour Cream and Cheese.


5 minuites down the road we arrived at the honey factory, Adrian, Jarrod and I were all looking forward to this as we were thinking there would be big pots of honey and lots to taste.... but no honey instead chocolate honey covered mangos?!, honey ice cream, honey soap and honey body scrub. No facotry or museum : (

Right before our last stop of the day we randomly got taken to an uber expensive GEM Store! It was a very random place, I dont know if they thought we were all going to start buying expensive gems?!

DSC02974.jpg I was quickly asked to put my camera away

That lead on to finally the last stop of the day which was Phuket's weekend market - I brought my trashy Thaialnd t-shirt and then we ate lots of street food!

IMG_0122.jpg Classic aviators print - best pick from a bad bunch of T-shirts

DSC02990.jpg Noodle Surprise

DSC02996.jpg Yum!

On Sunday I was leaving for Koh Samui, this was a looooooong bus/boat trip (as it was a day boat and bus I took it as appose to flying)

DSC03011.jpg Bye, bye Phuket!

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5,924 Miles Away.... (According to Wiki)

Today I will ride and elephant, jump into some waterfalls and try bamboo rafting, then tommorrow I will play with Tigers.....

sunny 31 °C

I arrived back in Bangkok after a 10 hour bus ride. It was 6am when we arrived so we decided to get some breakfast together and take some random snaps on Koh San Road...


DSC02089.jpg This is how you look after a 10 hour bus ride! Sinead slept like a baby for the majority of the ride and I managed in total about half an hours sleep!

I then made my way over to Pawes as I was staying at hers for 2 nights before my flight up to Chiang Mai on Monday. Spent my 2 days sleeping, watching films, eating and gossiping with Pawes.

I arrived at my hotel in Chiang Mai where I would be staying for the next 5 nights and headed straight down to eat! Afterwards I logged on to check my mail. I met a french guy called Roman in the internet room as he asked me if I had heard that Whitney Huston had died. I said I had and we got chatting. I told Roman that tomorrow I wanted to explore the city on foot and visit some temples. We decided to do this together because Roman already knew the routes to the temples and in exchange he asked for help him with his English. Specifically grammar! He definitely has not read my blogs! I thought Roman already spoke very good English.

90_DSC02141.jpg One of the many temples around Chaing Mai

6DSC02118.jpg Inside

Tuesday arrived, I had been looking forward to today as I was elephant trecking! I got onto the mini bus and was sat next to two English girls who were cousins. Katie and Mel. Funny really as Katie lives in Battersea and works in Victoria, remind you of anyone??? It's a small world! Katie was on a 2 month sabbatical from work and had brought her cousin Mel along for company. Mel has traveled Thailand before with a friend.

We drove about an hour out of Chiang Mai up into the mountains. When we arrived our tour guide Dang took us to feed some of the elephants, they would eat banana after banana. Its fair to say at least they were fed well.



Afterwards it was time to trek. There were 11 in the group. The instructor wanted to take 5 elephants out which meant one of us would have to ride in a 3 and sit on the elephants neck/head. Guess who was the lucky odd bod! However lucky I managed to convince another girl to sit up front as I'm not the best balancer in the world and I much preferred to sit in the basket seat on the elephants back.
We trecked for an hour and it was a great experience. The elephants skin felt like hard leather. I guess it was from the heat.

Once the treck was over Dang took us to see some local villagers and their homes. Dang was a good tour guide as he was very informative.
Heres some of the sites on our treck.

DSC02199.jpg Rice Paddies

DSC02279.jpg More Rice Paddies

DSC02220.jpg Local Homes

The best part of the trek were the waterfalls..... so beautiful! Id left my camera in my bag so didn't get any pics of me in the water under the waterfall. : (


We took some time for lunch and then it was time for BAMBOO RAFTING. This to was sooooo much fun!
The rule was not wet no fun! However at one point rafting down the river it felt like I could have been back in England as I was that cold! The Thai guys steering the rafts were pretty fun, they said the Japanese always hated getting wet (why would you get on a raft then?!) and would always try and cover up so they would always purposely tip the rafts so that they always fell into the river getting soaked!

On Wednesday I had planned with Katie and Mel to go to Tiger Kingdom. We took a tuk tuk to Tiger Kingdom which was about 45mins out of the city.
We opted to go in to see the large, small and smallest tigers. I was a little scared at first which can be seen in some of the earlier pictures, but I soon forgot my fear and the experience was excellent!


DSC02383.jpg Katie, Mel



My last 2days in Chiang Mai were pretty much spent by the pool sunbathing as funds were low due to more security issues with Barclays! You would think after the sixth time of telling them that Im traveling they would register this and stop blocking my cards for security!
I had even gone through my emergency stash of cash! Katie and Mel took me to the night market to cheer me up - however I did have to stop and question Katie - you took a girl with no money to the biggest night market??? I still had a good time though and was glad I went.

In the morning the girls left to go to Laos. I was off up to Pai. The bus journey was 3 hours. My lonely planet guide states its a hell rising trip... so I was prepared. Basically we were climbing higher into the mountains and the roads were extremely bendy. If the bus went off track it would have gone crashing down the mountain! I survived and arrived in Pai. I had to look for my accommodation on arrival. I was walking up the road with my backpack when a 50 something Australian man stopped on his scooter. He asked if I was looking for a place to stay as he ran a guesthouse. I said yes and got onto the back of his scooter balancing my backpack on my back! We wernt going to far thankfully! Its funny as you would never just get on the back of someones bike in the UK. However that was nothing as taking on this trip solo I have found myself in many a funny/crazy situation in Thailand!

DSC02566.jpg Yes it really was that cold at night that we had to wear Jumpers!

I checked into the guesthouse and again I put my bag down and went to the bar where I met Adam and Silas. Adam is from Derby, UK and Silas is from Copenhagen, Denmark.
I spent the next 3 nights with the boys! The boys were pretty much on a lets drink our way round Thailand trip.... I decided that I would join them for this in Pai! I later discovered why Adam's trip was about drinking and having fun- I could now understand why. One thing I have learnt from my short stay in Pai is that from all the different travelers I have met and spoken to on my trip, we are all pretty much face and going through the same problems. It's comforting to know this and that actually when we think it's is just us facing them really everyone else is too!

Adam was originally traveling with his friend Monk form the UK but he had to unexpectedly fly home - they had met Silas who was traveling on his own and they've been traveling together for the last 5 (ish) weeks.
Silas is a carpenter who is about to go back to Copenhagen to go back to school and study to become a youth worker.

On the Saturday I got the guest house bar man, Tor, to drive me on his scooter to a pool he knew off. Tor kindly dropped me off and would pick me up 4hours later. It was perfect, the pool was set in the mountain on a fruit farm. The only other people at the pool were 2 mums with their children. It was nice to hear the children running around playing in the background. For me this was the first time I had taken some time out alone to sit, relax and sunbathe in a peaceful surrounding. I really enjoyed that day - if I had have had longer in Pai I would definately have gone back.


Saturday evening I went for dinner with the boys, we had now met Oli, Nora and Lena. Oli is from the UK who was traveling N.Thailand before going back to Indonisia where he had worked for a year. The girls were from Germany and traveling SE Asia for 3months. They had just spent the last month in Laos. In Pai it gets very cold at night around 8pm ish. Its that cold that everyone wheres jumpers and trousers to eat out. I didnt have any but luckily Adam lent me his big Superdry hoodie. I was very cosy! We were watching the football it was the FA cup. (I think) Adam supports Everton. The score was 2-0 so they had made it through to the quarter final draw. I think the match was Everton v Sunderland or Southhampton!
My team Arsenal sadly got knocked out!!!! : (

DSC02550.jpg Nora and Lena
DSC02554.jpg Buckets
DSC02553.jpg Boys most likely in deep talk about the football

On Sunday I was very excited as I had booked myself into a Thai cookery school. The day before there were 10 students, today it was just me!
How lucky as I got 1-2-1 tuition! The course again was so much fun, I made, Pad Thai, Yellow Paste Chicken Curry, Stir Fried Veg, Spring Rolls and Sticky Rice and Mango. I ate so much foood!!!!!!! My teacher said to me, 'so you don't cook at home do you!' - and that I needed to do lots of practice! : (
I think the cooking course is a top highlight of my trip and I expect that's also due to the 1-on-1 tuition.

DSC02585.jpg My springs rolls were the best Ive had in Thailand so far!
DSC02594.jpg Yellow Paste Chicken Curry

Sunday was the last evening in Pai and I had seen a street artist at the night market that I had wanted to visit for a portrait - so as I had eaten all day I left the others to dine.
The artist was called Uncle Bob?!?! I sat down and he said I looked 19, when he had finished my portrait he apologized as he said I now looked 30! The excuse was, you are very beautiful and it is very hard to draw beautiful people. He had already said this to me half way through the drawing so I wondered if he was building on this to use it as the excuse at the end. I can say i was disappointed with the outcome as I had watched him draw other tourists spot on! I could see Bob was also disappointed with his work but by this time the guys had caught up with me so I paid Bob and thanked him for the portrait.
Maybe I look at it when I reach 30 and it will resemble me more - the hair is spot on though!

DSC02605.jpg Uncle Bob


Monday I bid farewell to Pai. North Thailand has been fun and again I met many a backpacker! I may meet up with Katie and Mel again at the full moon party in March - as this is the one thing you must go to with a group - mainly for safety reasons.

I now fly back South to do some Island hopping. First stop Phuket!

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