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I Heart Koh Lanta

Buffalo soldier, dreadlock rasta, There was a buffalo soldier in the heart of America Stolen from Africa, brought to America Fighting on arrival, fighting for survival... woy yoy yoy, woy yoy-yoy yoy....

sunny 34 °C

As planned Monday (30th Jan) I took my flight down to krabi. I arrived to a dark, wet, rainy Krabi. I was starting to get used to the rain (yet its not even rainy season.) The place I was staying at for the night was called Good Dreams and it couldn't have been more ironic! I turned up a little hot an sweaty so was heading for the shower straight away. Oh my, I opended the door and screamed the house down. The bathroom was filled with cockroaches. It took 2 hours in the end for me to make it into the shower. I covered one with an ashtray and another with a glass. I was so hot I just had to shower. Think Sinita or Dean Gafney on 'Im A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here'. It was horrible, while I was tackling cockroaches I happened to receive a phone call from my friend Dan, I was telling Dan about the cockroaches and he said i needed to get some spray. I saw that there was already some in the room so I started spraying and continued chatting. I managed to spray so much that all of a sudden I was gasping down the phone and couldn't breath. This meant I had to get out the room and stand in the even worse dark wet corridor with yet more bugs. Dan found it all very funny and said one day I too would find this funny and laugh. Today is not that day!

Morning came and I made a pretty swift exit from the guesthouse. At ramdom I picked Koah Lanta and went to get the boat across to the island. I pre booked a resort hotel. The place was on the opposite scale to Good Dreams. I arrived and jumped straight into the pool as this was the first time the sun had been out in 5days! I decided to sunbathe for the whole of the next day and in true english style I got a little red! I was booked into the hotel for 3nights and it was nice to have some luxury before getting back onto the backpacker path.


I checked out Friday morning and was heading to the Kling Klong Bay Bungalows / Ting Tong bar. It was about 4 beaches down from the hotel resort I was staying at.
Don who manages Ting Tong showed me to my bungalow, I put my backdown down and headed straight to the bar. It was here over the 7days I stayed that I met a complete mix of characters.

I had only be at the bar for 5 minutes when Lucy and Adam walked in. (they were staying next door in the Full Moon bungalows) Both are from the UK (Essex) and were backpaking for just 6 weeks around Thailand. I got on with Lucy straight away and we found out that we had a lot in common. Mainly our reaons for traveling as we had both left the UK for the same reasons and to an extent wanted the same things from our trips. Adam was Lucy's friend who had simply joined her as a travel companion for her trip. Lucy had an interesting job she worked as a croupier - which is a card dealler in a cassino.

We all had dinner that night at the full moon bungalows restaurant and then drinks and Ting Tong. The bar is owned by John and Nooreen who are from Ireland. The Irish seem to get everywhere!

DSC01893.jpg Adam, Lucy


The food I've eaten here has been very good, Raffi the owner of the Full Moon restaurant would do BBQs, I have had many types of fish, including barracuda, seabass and shrips, chicken and pork... Im basically eating and drinking my way around Thailand! Im also addicted to Pad Thai!

DSC01892.jpg Pineapple Chicken

The bunglows and bar are very much like a small community, everyone knows your name and it is very, very, very relaxed. It's a reggae bar playing alot of Bob Marley along with everything else you would assosiate with a reggae bar.....

The sights I saw were funny but equally shocking! (inc. Cardiac Arrest) At the end of my 7 days I felt like i was living in a soap opera.

On Friday, Lucy and I decided to take a walk down the beaches, we didnt realsie how far we had walked. We would stop to swim in the sea and lay on the beach and have our 2hour lunch. We left at half 10 and didnt get back till gone 5.
On our walk we met an interesting guy called Gert who lives near Heathrow, London. He was a writer who was on a trip round the world with his 13K loan of which he had no intention of paying back as he wanted to challenge the banks and the court systems.... (suppprisngly he has never had a job) It was his mum I felt sorry for as he lived with her in her house so it would be the banks/baylifts comming after her! He reminded me of Louis Theroux - so I told him this - he said this was by far not the first time he had heard that.

90_DSC01900.jpg Thats Gert in the back.... (still can't flip pics)

Saturday came and again time to relax on the beach and by the pool. In the evening we drank with everyone at Ting Tong bar. (We pretty much drink there every night - minus one night where we ventured out...) I had the funniest times here, some other travelers I met were, Uba (not spelt correct - but sounds like) Chris and Sinead. All three like me were backpacking alone.
Uba is German and exploring Thailand for the first time but has done some traveling on his own before. I plan to meet up with Chris again in Thailand as he is fairly funny and we share the same sense of humour. Chris plays poker online for a living (reminds me of my friend Qouc)... and has nearlly enough saved up for a deposit on a flat. Chris decided it was too cold in England so has come to Thailand for 5months ish. Sinead has studied Law but is not yet practicing it, she was working at the Hard Rock Cafe in London (making good money) and living in Camden. I will meet up with Sinead again too, as we are both going to be in Melborne the same week so have planned to have dinner together.

DSC02033.jpg Uba, Lucy, Chris

We stayed up too late on Saturday, I got to bed at 6:30am only to be up again at 7.15am as Lucy, Adam and I were heading to Phi Phi island for my birthday.

Phi Phi island was beuitiful. We took a long tail boat over to Maya beach where they filmed the film, The Beach.

DSC01966.jpg Maya Beach

DSC01947.jpg Lucy snorkeling

DSC01924.jpg Wendy's mum in front of our long tail boat

DSC01975.jpg Phi Phi Island

We got to swim in the clear green sea and do some snorkeling. I look forward to doing some more snorkeling on a few other islands. I had a lovely time on our trip. We met Wendy and her mother who are from Belgium the trip. Wendy was in Thailand for 2 months teaching English and her Mum was on a 2 week holiday to visit her.
Later that evening I invited them to join us for my birthday dinner as they were staying quite close. We went to a bar called Green Chilli and had dinner on the beach. They brought along their friend Marcus. It turns out I had met Marcus a few days ago as we had had a coffee together.

After dinner we lit Lantern's. I let my lantern go and made my birthday wish, oh yeah!



DSC01999.jpg Mine is on the right

DSC01993.jpg - Birthday Party

Wednesday I spent the day with Uba,Chris and Lucy. The boys had rented scooters so took Lucy and I on the back of them. We drove round Koh Lanta. The plan had originally been to get a car ferry over to another island to see some hot pools, but we didnt get up in time to do this so explored our island instead. We went down a long strench of road which was not touristy at all. It was beautiful.
We reached the veiwpoint restaurant....had some fruit shakes and took in the veiw.

DSC02057.jpg This picture dosn't capture just how peaceful it was


90_DSC02060.jpg Pretty

Sadly on Thursday it was time for me to leave as I was heading back up to Bangkok on route to Chang Mai. I took the over night bus with Sinead who was also heading this way as she was leaving Thailand to fly into Bali.

I was sad to leave Koh Lanta and my friends, however as the saying goes too much of a good thing..... and it was time to see more of Thailand.

A few of the sunsets in Koh Lanta





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