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Pepsi, Pepsi, Pepsi, Pepsi, Pepsi, Pepsi, Pepsi !!!!!!!!

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It's been a few days since my last post but I will always (try too) start following on from the previous post...

Friday arrived and I checked out of my Hotel. I was feeling in much better spirts, it had helped that I had slept from 1am all the way through to 8:30am without waking in the night.
I went to the bar down the road for my breakfast where I had mixed fruits and yogurt. I would usually go to the kartmen+ladies who sell the best bags of fruit ever! My favourite by far are the mangos. You get a whole mango which has been sliced up into segments for you and it only costs 20 Thai Baht - thats just over 20p.

After breakfast I headed over to the Skytrain to go to On Nut station as this is where Pawes lives. Pawes met me outside the station and walked me to her shop where she had clients waiting as she runs her own nail salon, and I can see why she does so well. Here is a sample of her work: My nails too...

DSC01776.jpg Pawes Shop Belle Nails

BN.jpg Pretty Cool

DSC01788.jpg My Nails - Not So Pretty but Very Cool

The nail shop is open from 3pm to 10pm so I headed back to her place for a power nap! It was quite similar to how a studio flat in London would be.

Friday night arrived and we headed out. Pawes cousin Tan also joined us. The bar we went to was called 'Route 66' It was excellent, so much better than Koah San Road which is full of tourists. This was real Bangkok. I really enjoyed the fashion, in seeing how all the Thai girls dressed for a Friday night out. The music playing was pretty much a mix of RnB although with a lot of LMFAO?!?! - The road of bars reminded me of the Kings Road on Summer evenings, so I was quite content.

DSC01698.jpg Route 66

90_DSC01721.jpg (I can't get the pics to rotate at the moment)

DSC01712.jpg Pretty Ladies

DSC01699.jpg We Drank Vodka + Lime

We drank and danced and then all the bars on this street shut at 2pm. Pawes asked if I was ready for more or if it was sleep time? I said more.... the next place was a club called 'Spicy Club' It was very much a 'meatmarket'. Drunk Foreign men and many Thai girls...... it was interesting to see this... however all of a sudden the music stoped mid tune and the lights came up, apparently the Police had arrived, so we made a swift exit.

DSC01725.jpg The Men's At Club Spicy

Saturday came and this was shopping day! I was shown the Chatuchak weekend maeket. Its was huge apparently there are over 3,000 stalls. I brought some Thai chopsticks, and...... Spoons. Yes I had found some excellent wooden spoons of all shapes and varieties to add to my bottom draw collection. (A few years ago when I was in CapeTown the roadside street markets and shops too sold a mixed array of wooden spoons, and I went a little spoon mad)
Saturday I added to this collection! : )

DSC01746.jpg Spoons!

Tan's aunty has a stall in at the Chatuchak market where she helped out - so we would go back and sit at the stall to rest inbetween shopping.

DSC01735.jpg Tan


I could have brought much more from the market but I had to remember I had one backback which I have to carry for 5months and that I was not on a 2week holiday with a big suitcase.

The last stop of the day was the big indoor shopping centre MBK. This has 7 floors with oodles of shops and stalls. I asked Pawes if it was the biggest shopping centre in Bangkok?, but she said it wasn't. Even I wondered how much bigger you could get!

In the evening we chilled out and Pawes cooked for me! I was very lucky, as her food was real Thai food. We had picked up the fresh ingrediants on the way home, also in Bangkok they have a big Tesco - its just like ours minus the tubs of Chicken Feet!!!
In the morning Pawes tried to give me Rice for breakfast apparetly Thai's have Rice for breakfast, lunch and dinner. To much rice for me so I had eggs.

DSC01761.jpg Thai Dinner

On Sunday night we headed into the district NaNa. We were watching some bands play. They were great. They would sing curret songs in the chart but put a rock edge on them!

DSC01798.jpg The Band




In the same bar the football was on and my team were playing. Arsenal!
Arseal vs Aston Villa
I know a little about football thease days mainly through living with my old housemate Justin. We would sit and watch many football games together and I would ask Justin losts and lots of questions! To thank him I choose to support Arsenal and not his team. (Liverpool!)

Ayway as it happens my team won! 3-2!

Then Monday arrived and it was time for me to catch my flight south to Krabi.

I really enjoyed my time with Pawes, she is exctrmelly bubbly, funny and wise. We would have iteresting conversations and I took a lot away from my short staywith her. (Pepsi, Pepsi, Pepsi, Pepsi, Pepsi, Pepsi, Pepsi,...)
I will see Pawes again when I leave Asia as I have left quite a few clothes at her place - I had massively over packed and there was no-way I could carry my backpack aroud from place to place. I am a lucky backpacker! I will pick up all my clean clothes in time for Aussie.

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